Service with a smile

Agfa’s technical team goes above and beyond, with a remote fix that got HGR Drodro’s DR Retrofit™ back up quickly – from 9000 kilometers away! General Referral Hospital of Drodro (HGR Drodro) is a true lifeline for the inhabitants of the territory, helping ensure their health and well-being. In this challenging and war-torn region, in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, medical imaging provides critical insight for both diagnosis and treatment of a broad range of health issues. So when the hospital’s DR Retrofit™ unexpectedly went down, doctors and patients alike were concerned: sending the unit to distant Kinshasa for repair would leave them with no X-ray capabilities for a long time. But Agfa’s technical team in Belgium rose to the challenge, with a remote fix that had the DR Retrofit working quickly. This was the result of a real team effort, that has made all the difference for several patients. "Now that the radiography department is back in service, we can serve ourpatients without difficulty. We have significantly benefitted from the collaboration with Agfa, and are confident that, when we need their assistance again, we will receive the same warm welcome.” says Dr. Jean-Paul Nube, Hospital Medical Director. Read the full customer testimonial here.