Single room, single investment – multi-purpose

In a small hospital, every investment has to pull its weight. This is certainly true for imaging and X-ray rooms. At Henry Community Health, in New Castle, Indiana, the DR 800 multi-tool is meeting and exceeding expectations: ticking the boxes as a reliable and versatile fluoroscopy and X-ray room, while delivering the image quality and ease of use radiologists and X-ray technicians alike appreciate. “Although we are a smaller hospital, our radiology department is nonetheless a very demanding environment. We not only support our busy emergency department, but orthopedics, oncology, radiation services and more – including some services you wouldn’t ordinarily expect from a ‘typical’ community hospital. And we still need to get the most from every imaging room. The DR 800 meets that need,” explains Brandon Wilson, Director of Imaging. “From 9 AM to 3 PM, the DR 800 is primarily our fluoroscopy room. But we also now do all our scoliosis surveys in there. Then, on the second shift and weekends, it becomes our third X-ray room. And if one of our other X-ray rooms goes down, we know we can turn to the DR 800.” Read the full customer testimonial here.