Small Animals

Affordable high image quality for small animals

Putting our experience to work for vets!

Whether you are looking for computed radiography (CR) or direct radiography (DR), we offer a range of proven solutions that give you excellence in imaging, plus reliable support and service from our worldwide organization.

Your DR up and running – fast!

Maximize your existing investments with the DR Retrofit, which lets you upgrade your film or CR system to DR in an easy and affordable way. With a minimal investment, you get all the workflow and quality benefits of DR.
Whether you select a wireless or wired DR detector set-up, the solution is easy to install and quickly up and running.

Advantages of Agfa’s DR solutions for Veterinary

MUSICA image processing

dedicated to veterinary for excellent image quality

Cassetteless workflow

allows improvements in your imaging workflow

Wireless detectors

ideal for mobile use. Available sizes are 14 x 17″, 10 x 12 “, 17 x 17”

Dura-line XD14 and XD17 panels Confidence – Workflow – Quality

Your DR detector investment can be used for multiple X-ray systems, including those you buy in the future. With no cables, the wireless detectors can be switched and transported easily due to their compact design and light weight.

Computed Radiography

Our CR solutions offer you an easy and affordable way to get all the benefits of digital imaging, with a familiar workflow that is similar to traditional film imaging.

A perfect balance between affordability and high image quality

Versatile tabletop digitizers, advanced image processing software, user-friendly workstation software: with the modular, component-based design, you get exactly the solution you want and need. And whether you perform a lot of X-rays or a few, we have a solution to meet your imaging volume demands.

CR 10-X

Your entry in digital quality imaging

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CR 12-X

Entry level digitizer with customized speed & resolution

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CR 15-X

High-volume digitizer supporting 4 cassette sizes

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