Superb imaging ‘on the go’

The versatile, cost-effective CR 15-X with Cesium Bromide (CsBr) NIP detectors lets Dr. Hemal Maniar provide his patients with the high-quality, reduced dose imaging they need, wherever they are: at home, in the hospital, or in his diagnostic imaging center. "In 2020, the demand for chest X-rays was very high, and many of them were done inhome. The CR 15-X with the MUSICA Chest+ software enabled me to keep up.” says Dr. Hemal Maniar, Radiologist and owner of Hemal Maniar Clinic.  Dr. Maniar’s CR 15-X came with MUSICA3 image processing. “You need to keep in mind that the CR software and the hardware are equally important, and they go hand-in-hand. I have used Agfa’s MUSICA for many years, and it is excellent image processing software.” continues Dr. Maniar. “Agfa allowed me to try out the CR 15-X with NIP for several days, as well as another Agfa solution. The CR 15-X with NIP was ideal for my portable imaging needs, and I was able to confirm that it also delivered high image quality and dose reduction. I tell my fellow radiologists to try this solution for themselves, and see how good it is.” explains Dr. Hemal.  "Using the CR 15-X with NIP, I have been able to reduce dose exposure by 30-40%, especially for thicker patients.” Read the complete customer testimonial here.