Sushrushah Hospitals, Tamil Nadu, India adds DR 600 with SmartXR® augmented intelligence to its Agfa DR portfolio

Sushrushah Hospitals, in Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu, India, is adding the power of Augmented Intelligence to its orthopedic patient care, with Agfa’s top-performance, ceiling-suspended DR 600 room and SmartXR® intelligent digital radiography tools. The 100-bed hospital specializes in orthopedics, and handles around 100 consultations each day for patients coming from up to 200 kilometers away. “As a long-standing Agfa customer – of over a decade –, we know we can rely on Agfa’s service and support, as well as on the quality of their solutions. We need up-to-date equipment to provide top-level care for our increasing number of patients. The DR 600, with advanced technologies such as SmartXR, ZeroForce™ and EasyStitch™, delivers clinical and workflow benefits for our busy practice,” says Dr. Mohandhas of Sushrushah Hospitals. “We are delighted that our high-performing DR 600 room with SmartXR has been chosen for this busy orthopedics facility. Easier, faster and more direct access to diagnostic tests is key to enabling earlier diagnoses for patients. The DR 600 supports those goals by delivering a streamlined workflow, increased patient throughput and excellent image quality,” says Suresh Ranganathan, Vice President of Asia Pacific at Agfa”. Dilip Bhosale, General Manager at Agfa India, adds:  “Our relationship with Dr Mohandas and Sushrushah Hospitals has stood the test of time and evolved strongly over several years. We are excited to enter the next phase in this journey with the advanced, SmartXR-powered DR 600.” Read the full press release here